Ways you can help

Be part of a mission team

If you are between 17 and 120 years old:) and love children we can put you to work. You can join the rocking babies team in the city of Oradea for 2 weeks. Or you can join one of our teams that help with summer camps.

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Partner with us in prayer

Pray for our purity presenters: Genuta, Ioana and Alina as they stand in front of the teenagers everyday and present the purity message. Pray for the women we counsel at Pulse. Pray for the leaders as they seek wisdom and guidance. Pray for the children in Stroiesti and Cighid orphanage.

Donate on-line or by checks:

Make the checks payable to:
My Brother's Keeper
P.O.Box 11
Roxbury, PA, 17251

Donate items for Pulse

diappers, baby clothing, baby items such as: shampoo, lotions, baby wipes, maternity clothes, toilet product (travel size) for mothers to use while they are in the hospital like soap, shampoo, shower gel, tooth brush and tooth paste, combs, etc.

Christmas Shoe Box Campaign

Each year we put together a show box compaign that goes towards the poor children in the village of Stroiesti, Cighid Orphanage and Children's Hospital in Oradea.

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Baby Bottle Campaign

Each year between Mother's day and Father's day, it runs "Baby Bottle for Romania".  MBK will supply baby bottles for you to make available to your group on Mother’s Day and make arrangements to collect them after Father’s Day. It is quite simple and has proved to be a special blessing both for the groups involved and for the families My Brother’s Keeper works with at the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Oradea.

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