This project was the biggest construction project MBK has ever done so far. It took a bunch of guys from the States, dozens of Romanian volunteers, a lot of preparation, paper work, and money. We built 3 playgrounds: one in Oradea, one in Ploiesti and one in Stroiesti. Everybody enjoyed it and knew exactly what to do. We thank God for His protection upon the people during the construction. We thank the American team for good heart and right attitude. We pray that God will use this playground to expand His kingdom

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project by donating money, time, labor. To God be all the glory!






As a business person, I look for an organization that I'm going to support that has a good foundation. When I look at My Brother's Keeper I see individuals being dedicated to the Lord, committed to their ministry and I love the idea that they are working with the youth, but have not forgotten the elderly. I love the idea that they address issues like abortion, they into the schools and address issues such as abortion and sexual purity. It's very excited to me to be involved in this ministry.

- Allan-