Pulse Center

We offer two types of counseling: one is for women with unwanted pregnancies and our desire is to help them keep the baby. The other is for women dealing with post abortion syndrome. PULSE Center also provides material support (diapers, baby items, wipes, clothing, etc) for mothers who decide not to abort their babies. donate for life »

Purity programs

Another means by which PULSE is making a difference is through an abstinence education program. We have started to educate the next generation on topics such as abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and the implications of sex before marriage. God has given us tremendous success; local authorities granted MBK permission to teach the value of sexual abstinence in 22 schools. Through this program we have been able to meet thousands of young people in three major cities of Romania: Oradea, Iasi and Botosani.

Mentoring Program

We help children coming from poor and dysfunctional families in the village of Stroiesti to get the education they can not afford. We work directly with them through our missionary couple in Stroiesti, Bogdan and Melissa Ghitun.

Summer camps

Summer camps are an opportunity to present the Gospel message to the children at their level at understanding, to help them get at least one step closer to God, to empower them to be witnesses among their families, to offer the ones who can not afford to go to camp a chance to experience one. We provide relevant Bible stories, Christian counseling and mentoring for every aspect of their lives. The children reached are between 6 to 14 years old, coming from dysfunctional, poor or non Christian families to whom we show the love that only Christ can put in us. They are also taught good manners and how to relate to each other.

Short term Mission teams

If you want to see the ministry with your own eyes, we put together missions teams annually. The teams get involved with children at summer camps, VBS's, village work, rocking babies at the Maternity Hospital in Oradea. Please contact us.

Community Projects

This project was the biggest construction project MBK has ever done so far. It took a bunch of guys from the States, dozens of Romanian volunteers, a lot of preparation, paper work, and money. We built 3 playgrounds: one in Oradea, one in Ploiesti and one in Stroiesti. Everybody enjoyed it and knew exactly what to do. We thank God for His protection upon the people during the construction. We thank the American team for good heart and right attitude. We pray that God will use this playground to expand His kingdom. more

Ways you can help

Donate items for Pulse

diappers, baby clothing, baby items such as: shampoo, lotions, baby wipes, maternity clothes, toilet product (travel size) for mothers to use while they are in the hospital like soap, shampoo, shower gel, tooth brush and tooth paste, combs, etc.

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Help a child to go to camp

It costs $120 for each child to be at the camp for 7 days. That includes: 7 days of camp, 3 good meals, 2 snacks each day, transportation. Please contact us for more information.

Rocking babies teams

If you are between 17 and 60 years old and love children and love to rock babies here's an wonderful opportunity for you to be part of a team of ladies who will rock for 2 weeks the abandoned babies in a hospital of Oradea.


Pray for our purity presenters: Genuta, Ioana and Alina as they stand in front of the teenagers everyday and present the purity message. Pray for the women we counsel at Pulse. Pray for the leaders as they seek wisdom and guidance. Pray for the children in Stroiesti and Cighid orphanage. Pray for the Visan's as they lead the ministry in Romania. Pray for Cornelia and Tabita as they deal with women in crisis every day.

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My Brother's Keeper is an extraordinary ministry which touches and changes lives in a number of different areas. Every year, My Brother's Keeper's programs expand and they are able to touch more and more people.

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